Frank Bresee, Sam Brown, Kay Linaker, Tim Hollis and Donnie Pitchford
"see what's going on down in Pine Ridge."
to cast member Cliff Arquette in the late 1940s.  
Arquette gave life to his character Charley Weaver,
famous for his "letters from Mamma" down in dear
old "Mount Idy."
Other NLAS-sponsored acts included songs by
Ted Theodore of El Cajon, California, accompanying
himself on guitar and autoharp.  In addition to "The
Martins and the Coys," Lum and Abner alumnus
Marshall "Grandpa" Jones was remembered in
Ted's performance of "Falling Leaves," which was
composed by "Grandpa."  Mr. Theodore also
represented that fine OTR organization SPERDVAC
(P. O. Box 7177, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7177).  Rev,
John Morrison of Carthage, Texas (accompanied by
"Lum" Pitchford on "geetar") led the audience in
sing-alongs of "I Pine for the Pines in Old Pine
Ridge" (written by the great E. M. Bartlett in 1936
for the Young Pine Ridge Quartet), "You Are My
Sunshine" and "Amazing Grace."
Sam Brown offered his excellent portrayal of Pine
Ridge's own Dick Huddleston, extolling the beauty
of Arkansas, and offering some down-home humor.  
He introduced two strange characters he had
observed "down at my fishin' camp."  They turned
out to be popular cartoon stars Popeye and Bluto,
impeccably imitated by Mike Brooks (Chester,
Illinois) and Leonard Kohl (Chicago, Illinois)
Three acts were added to the lineup by Mena
residents.  Rudi Timmerman, Rae Langford and
Buddy Lambert performed a sketch loosely based
Hee Haw characters, while Jim Kincade
appeared in a comedy monologue as a candidate
for local sheriff.  Ken and Nathan Sloan, a
grandfather-grandson musical duet, proved one of
the program's highlights with their guitar-fiddle
rendition of "Arkansas Traveler,
the song originally chosen by
Lauck and Goff as their
broadcast theme.  (It had to be
changed, since comedian Bob
Burns reserved the tune
earlier.  "Eleanor" became the
Lum and Abner theme for the
1930s and portions of the 1940s.)
The "unreasonable facsimile" of
L&A reemerged to offer "the
suit measuring routine," only to
be interrupted by "Dick Huddleston," who just
happened to run into Troy Boyd, the Texas fiddler,
who'd left two of his hand-crafted instruments (his
fiddle and a guitar) in the feed room of the Jot 'Em
Down Store.  Since it was nearly time to end the
show anyway, Mr. Boyd fiddled, "Lum" strummed,
and everyone sang "They Cut Down the Old Pine
Tree," the traditional NLAS "sign off."
It may have looked like a lot of fun, but the set-up
for the stage show and Saturday's two regular
programs required the efforts of Many dedicated
people.  Eddie Huckaby and Rudi Timmerman of the
Ouachita Little Theatre provided technical
assistance needed for stage production, while
NLAS members Fred Toole, Jim Temple and family,
and Rev. John Morrison pitched in with extra
muscle.  Popeye Fan Club representatives Mike
and Debbie Brooks, Greg and Cindy Snyder, Chuck
Anders and Leonard Kohl helped in numerous
We thank you all!!!
Phase two of the 1998 convention starred Frank
Bresee, one of radio's finest historians.  As you will
read elsewhere in this issue, Mr. Bresee's amazing
career in radio continues to this day, with his
Golden Days of Radio broadcasts nearing the
half-century mark in duration.  His program was the
springboard for "Uncle Donnie's" newly-written
L&A script, which took Frank Bresee on a fantasy
trip to Pine Ridge, in a frustrating attempt to
interview the Jot 'Em Down Store characters,
portrayed by the three NLAS "ossifers."  Mr.
Bresee finds himself completely befuddled in his
attempts to carry on conversations with Lum,
Abner, Grandpap, Ulysses, Squire Skimp, Cedric
and Ben Withers (only Dick Huddleston seems
"normal").  As was the case when
Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve
visited Lum and Abner in 1993,
"Mr. Breezy" finds his name
being mangled by the two old
fellows.  Abner is certain that
Frank and Bobbie (Mrs.) Bresee
are the subject of his "fave-o-rite
raddio show,
Fibber BRESEE and
as well as the song "Me
and Bobbie BRESEE!"  With L&A
temporarily away from the feed
room studio, Frank attempts
Scott Lauck ("Lum's Grandson")
visits with the NLAS Zekatif Ossifers.