We were saddened upon hearing of the passing away of Art Gilmore.  "I remember his voice narrating
Highway Patrol!"  "I remember him from Dragnet!"  "He was involved with those Joe McDoakes films with
George O'Hanlon!"  "Remember him on
The Red Skelton Show?"  These and many more comments came
from friends of the NLAS.  Mr. Gilmore's career was impressive and the details are chronicled elsewhere.

The one comment none of us heard is "I remember him announcing
Lum and Abner."  Well, it's true that he
never worked in that capacity.

Or did he?

Well, in a way he did!

In 2004, NLAS "ossifer" Donnie Pitchford was invited to participate in the REPS (Radio Enthusiasts of
Puget Sound) Showcase in Seattle, representing the National Lum and Abner Society.  As part of the final
banquet, Dick Beals directed a
Lum and Abner script featuring an (almost) all-star OTR cast:  Frank Buxton
as Lum.  Dick Beals as Ellie Connors / Mary Edwards.  Ed Scott performed a commercial.  Bill Edwards
provided live music.  Ray Erlenborn created the sound effects.  "Uncle Donnie" filled in for Abner (as I said,
it wasn't quite "all-star").

The announcer was Art Gilmore!  Tall, quiet (when not announcing) and the ultimate professional, Mr.
Gilmore smoothly announced his one and only Lum and Abner script.  

We regret Mr. Gilmore was never a guest at the NLAS Conventions, but we're thankful we had this single
opportunity for at least a portion of the NLAS to cross paths with a true radio-television icon and a fine

We wish to offer our respect and condolences to the family and friends of Art Gilmore.

                                                                                                                                                         -the NLAS Ossifers
All rights reserved.