The National Lum and Abner Society
A Photo-Tribute to Ginny Tyler
As reported on our home page, 2002 NLAS Convention
Guest Ginny Tyler passed away on July 13, 2012. She
was joined at the NLAS Convention by actors Dallas
"Dal" McKennon ("the Voice of Gumby" - and so many
others) and Nancy Wible. All three actors voiced
numerous cartoon characters during their careers. While
none of them worked on the
Lum and Abner radio show
or in any of the related films, this talented trio
enthusiastically participated in a rousing tribute to L&A,
performing in a multi-chapter script in which their various
characters interacted with our friends from Pine Ridge.

At right, Ginny Tyler, Dal McKennon, and Nancy Wible
smile for Tim Hollis' camera during a meal at the Cracker
Barrel in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Chuck Anders' was wielding his camera as well, and
caught this shot of Ginny clowning with Dal. Whether she
was assisting him in reading his menu or merely hiding
his face, we cannot be certain.

Nancy Wible and Ginny Tyler seem right at home at Lum
and Abner's Jot 'Em Down Store in Pine Ridge, Arkansas!
Yes, the store really exists, and was the original store
operated by Dick Huddleston. And yes, he really existed
as well! Today the store building is open to tourists, and
attached to it is the Lum and Abner Museum. Lon and
Kathy Stucker have maintained it for many years and are
always happy to receive visitors.

Nancy Wible, Ginny Tyler, and Dal McKennon are seen
here posing with manikins made up to look like a certain
pair of Pine Ridge storekeepers. Since this was
photographed in the Lum and Abner Museum, I will let
you guess just which storekeepers they represent.

Here is more clowning about in the Lum and Abner
Museum! These three were not only character actors,
they were real characters as well!

Ginny Tyler - and Nancy Wible - doing what they do best,
performing behind a microphone! At left, Sam Brown is
busy creating sound effects while Tim Hollis awaits his
next line. You'll notice the poster on the wall. 2002 was
the 60th anniversary of Lum and Abner's second motion
The Bashful Bachelor, which was screened
during the event.

Tim Hollis supplied a stack of memorabilia for display to
illustrate the remarkable careers of these guests. Yes,
they provided voices for the LPs you see! For those of
you who don't know what an LP is, it isn't exactly a "big
black CD" as some of my former students called them. In
the days before downloads and YouTube and DVD
players and even before VCRs, our only contact with Oz
was an annual screening of the classic 1939 motion
picture along with readings of the books. That is, unless
you talked your parents into picking up these nifty
records for you! And no, we didn't call them "vinyl" in
those days.

Dal and Ginny recreate a couple of sinister characters for
the camera!

Ginny proves the mouse-ears still fit as she clowns with
NLAS ossifers Tim Hollis and Donnie Pitchford.

2002 recipients of the Lum and Abner Memorial Awards,
Ginny Tyler, Dal McKennon, and Nancy Wible, smile for
the camera.

Ginny Tyler shows her appreciation to Tim Hollis. Tim
doesn't seem to mind one bit. Sam and Donnie were
waiting in line, but finally gave up and went to lunch

We hope you've enjoyed this nostalgic look back 10
years to the NLAS Convention of 2002. Ginny's bright
personality and immense talent charmed the attendees
that summer, and my wife Laura and I were pleased to
spend time again with Ginny when we attended the 2004
REPS Showcase in Seattle. Laura had not met her, and
after Ginny saw us and made a beeline to hug us, said,
"She is just delightful." She certainly was, and thanks to
her many recorded performances, she always will be.

                                  -Donnie Pitchford / NLAS / 2012
Ginny Tyler, Dal McKennon, Nancy Wible enjoy a meal.
Ginny Tyler clowns, hiding Dal McKennon's face with a menu.
Nancy Wible and Ginny Tyler standing on the Jot 'Em Down Store porch.
Nancy Wible, Ginny Tyler and Dal McKennon pose in the Lum and Abner Museum.
Dal McKennon, Nancy Wible and Ginny Tyler clown in the Lum and Abner Museum.
Sam Brown, Tim Hollis, Nancy Wible, and Ginny Tyler perform a Lum and Abner script.
Dal McKennon and Ginny Tyler display record albums featuring their Oz voices.
Dal McKennon and Ginny Tyler pose as sinister characters from Oz.
Ginny Tyler wears Mouseketeer ears, posing with Tim Hollis and Donnie Pitchford.
Ginny Tyler, Dal McKennon and Nancy Wible pose with their Lum and Abner Memorial Awards.
Ginny Tyler plants a kiss on Tim Hollis' cheek.
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National Lum and Abner Society "Ossifers"
Sam Brown, Tim Hollis, and Donnie Pitchford.