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September 15, 2010
An anonymous person writes:
I've heard that only two people played most of the
parts on
Lum and Abner.  Who were they, and what
characters did they play?

NLAS Answer:
Chester "Chet" Lauck played Lum Edwards, Cedric
Weehunt, Grandpappy Spears and Snake Hogan.  
Norris "Tuffy" Goff played Abner Peabody, Squire
Skimp, Mousey Gray and Ulysses S. Quincy.  Each
played other minor characters from time to time.
September 15, 2010
Donnie Pitchford of Carthage, Texas writes:
I attended 20 National Lum and Abner Society
Conventions and it was an honor to meet so many
great people.  Tim Hollis and Sam Brown feel the
same way.
CONTACT Donnie Pitchford

NLAS Answer:
Thanks, Donnie!  Yes, we (Donnie Pitchford, Sam
Brown and Tim Hollis) are really happy you were
able to attend all 20 NLAS Conventions.  Maybe there
will be another one soon!
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February 26, 2011
Brian C. Farmer writes:

Here's a question I've puzzled over in the back of my mind for awhile now while listening to old episodes.  After
Lum & Abner moved from Postum to Alka-Seltzer, one difference that really sticks out to me is that Dick
Huddleston disappeared in terms of being an on-air character, and only came back many years later.  Has any
explanation ever been given as to why that character fell away, while every other character remained intact and
new ones were added?

NLAS Answer:

Great question! There are a couple of possible answers.

In interviews, Chet Lauck and Tuffy Goff sometimes mentioned the fact that Dick Huddleston was so intelligent he
would often cancel Lum and Abner out of some outlandish ideas. If Dick had been present when Lum and Abner
were attempting their trip to Mars with Professor Sloane, for instance, there is no doubt he'd have offered his
wisdom to the old fellows and made them realize how foolish this idea was.

Another reason is the fact that Lauck and Goff, extra busy during the Miles Laboratory sponsorship due to their
added movie careers, hired Roswell B. Rogers to write their scripts. Roz brought in new characters the likes of
Mousey Gray, Ulysses S. Quincy, Diogenes Smith and others. He also stated he felt Dick Huddleston would have
stopped some of the fun if he appeared very often.

You will notice, however, that whenever Lauck, Goff and Rogers reprised old scripts, Dick Huddleston would
return. Sometimes they changed the scripts slightly, other times they left Dick in. Examples are the suspenseful
cave-in of the silver mine, performed in the 1930s and again in the 1940s. You may also remember the "Mountain
View Inn" series in which Dick appears frequently.

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