Singer Margaret Whiting passed away on
January 10, 2011.  She is remembered for a
number of hit recordings, among them  "A Tree
in the Meadow" (a number one hit in 1948) and  
"Slippin' Around", a duet with country music
star Jimmy Wakely (a number 1 hit in 1949).

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Miss Whiting was an honorary member of the
National Lum and Abner Society and at one time
there were plans to feature her in an NLAS
Convention.  Tim Hollis recalls, "I looked back in
our correspondence files and saw that it was the
2001 convention she had planned to attend, but
she had a personal appearance date in Michigan
that conflicted with that weekend.  We got in
touch with her through Sam Edwards (a 2001
guest), who worked with her sister Barbara.  In
the last note I had from her (late February 2001),
she said that since she couldn't make it to Mena
that year, she wanted to try again in 2002."
Sadly, we were unable to connect with Miss
Whiting again.  We had hoped to feature her
beautiful singing voice and discuss her
friendship with Lum and Abner.  The NLAS
offers condolences to the family and friends of
Miss Margaret Whiting.
Chet "Lum" Lauck (left) and Norris "Abner" Goff
seem to be harmonizing with Margaret Whiting as
Bob Crosby lends an ear and possibly a voice.
Gossip columnist Hedda Hopper locks eyes with
Chet Lauck as Margaret Whiting claims "Lum's"
other shoulder.  "Lum" has two ladies and "Abner"
is seeing "Red" - Skelton, that is!  These photos
were taken at the CBS "Welcome Party" broadcast
for Lum and Abner in October 1948, one week
before the premiere of
The New Lum and Abner
the half-hour weekly version of the series.  
For many  listeners who were comfortable with the
15-minute "classic" series, this sudden infusion of
a full orchestra, studio audience and new actors
proved unsettling.  The half-hour series lasted
only two seasons and many felt it was a mistake.