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On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Chester H. Lauck, Jr. passed away. His role
in both the National Lum and Abner Society (organized with his permission in
1984) and the
Lum and Abner comic strip (which he authorized in 2011) can
never be overstated. Mr. Lauck was the owner of the
Lum and Abner
trademark and franchise, a status which continues with his family.
Of course, his famous father, Chester H. Lauck, Sr., created such memorable
characters as Lum, Cedric, Grandpappy Spears, Snake Hogan, and others,
being half of the team who entertained millions on the
Lum and Abner radio
programs from 1931 to 1954.
Mr. Lauck, his wife Karen, and children Nancy, Amanda, Scott, and Chet III
attended numerous NLAS Conventions, offering their memories and meeting
the enthusiastic
Lum and Abner fandom still active to this day.
The NLAS and the
Lum and Abner comic strip "ossifers," members, and fans
offer sincere condolences to the Lauck family.
For more information,
click here for the official obituary, and click here to visit
a memorial album on Facebook.
The daughter of Chester and Harriet Lauck,
Shirley Lauck Babcock,
passed away in April 2015.
The National Lum and Abner Society
offers condolences and prayers
for the entire family.
Mr. and Mrs. Babcock were
our special guests at the
1994 NLAS Convention.
We cherish our memories of them.
We will present more information soon.

CLICK HERE for photos.
CLICK HERE for Shirley's article.
Dwight and Shirley Babcock in 1994.
We had a great time at the 2017 Lum
& Abner Festival! To see photos of
how our comic strip program went,
visit my album on Facebook! There
are also some videos in which
characters from the strip are
Give this link a try:

Lum and Abner
Mena, Arkansas! 2015!
We had a blast! Thanks to all who attended, and we
missed those who were unable to come.

There were all sorts of fun activities on both days!
Check the Lum and Abner Festival on Facebook by
HERE. To learn all about what Mena has to
offer, our friend Candace Riner invites you to check her
Visit Mena website by clicking

The NLAS conducted a program starring our two
special guests, John Rose (cartoonist of
Snuffy Smith)
and Mike Curtis (award-winning writer of
Dick Tracy)!

Here is how it went:
Friday, June 5 - 4:00 - Janssen Park:
Donnie Pitchford performed a
Lum and Abner cartoon
sketching program! See lots of photos on Facebook in
the Lum and Abner Comic Strip Group!

Saturday, June 6 - 12:30 - Ouachita Little Theater: The
NLAS presented John Rose and Mike Curtis!

12:30: Meet and greet! (We met and greeted!)
1:00: Program began! It included:
John Rose's chalk talk!
A new Lum and Abner play! Lum and Abner met Snuffy
Smith and Dick Tracy!
Books for sale (Snuffy Smith, Lum and Abner)!
And more!       

It had been four years since we were last in Mena, as
part of the Ouachita Little Theater's programs (Click
HERE for that story), and a full DECADE since we
conducted an official NLAS Convention, so were happy
to be back in Mena!

If you're a member of the
Lum and Abner Comic Strip
Group or the Lum and Abner Radio Show Fan Club on
Facebook (those are links to take you there), I will do
my best to keep you posted of future events.

Feel free to
contact me at this e-mail address if you
want more information.

Thanks to Candace Riner, Rudi Timmerman,
The Mena
Star, and everyone who made this so memorable!

-"Uncle Donnie" Pitchford



Forrest Owen
Sadly, another friend of the NLAS and Lum and Abner
has passed away. We regret we only learned about it on
December 26, 2014, when Vice-President Brown was in
the process of making his annual Christmas calls to our
Honorary Members.

Forrest was a Guest-of-Honor at the 1996 National Lum
and Abner Society Convention. He was truly a kind and
generous gentleman, with many fond memories of Lum
and Abner.

The NLAS is
Yes, friends, it's true! I'm sure you've been bombarded
with the news from every corner of the media, but -

You say it's news to you?

Well, believe it or not, it sort of slipped up on us as well!

In was in July-August of 1984 that the first issue of
Jot 'Em Down Journal
was published! To celebrate that
fact, we've prepared an annotated PDF of that first
issue, with bonus pages showing how it evolved. To
access your copy of this and many other issues, see
the links at the top of this page!

As for current Lum and Abner news, many of you are
aware of the
Lum and Abner comic strip which runs
every Sunday with both a graphic version and an audio

At right are some photos relating to the beginnings of
the National Lum and Abner Society. First we see
"Uncle Donnie" Pitchford (standing at left) shaking
hands with "Singin' Sam" Brown. Their first meeting
was in 1982 at the old Dick Huddleston Store in the real
Pine Ridge, Arkansas. The building is now home to
Lum and Abner's Jot 'Em Down Store, connected to the
Lum and Abner Museum. Curators are Kathy and Lon
Stucker, who have been serving in that capacity for
longer than the NLAS has existed!

During the 1984 Lum and Abner Day in Pine Ridge, Sam
Brown and Tim Hollis (who is standing at far right in the
photo at right) met Rex Riffle of West Virginia. Not long
after the NLAS became official, Rex was appointed to
the office of publicity director. He served until 1991.

Lum and Abner Day was held for several years in Pine
Ridge, to benefit the Pine Ridge Fire Department. Our
first two NLAS Conventions were held in the Pine Ridge
Fire Hall.

Membership in the NLAS is FREE!
contact us!
The NLAS presents John Rose and Mike Curtis.
The Lum and Abner Festival logo 2015
Forrest Owen at the NLAS Convention in 1996.
Lum and Abner 30th Anniversary logo.
Donnie Pitchford and Sam Brown in Pine Ridge, 1982.
Rex Riffle, Sam Brown, Tim Hollis meet, 1984.
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