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The Ouachita Little Theater's
At a mere five dollars admission, the OLT's play was the                     best entertainment value in town.
Mena, Arkansas: Amid the many activities available at
the 2011 Lum and Abner Festival, those of the Ouachita
Little Theater rank as "pure Lum and Abner" in content.
Director Larry Block and his talented cast offered two
performances of "The Adventures of Lum and Abner,"
performed "radio style" with the actors working from
scripts edited from
Lum and Abner programs of 1935
and 1948.

Mr. Block, his stage crew and cast deserve praise for
their hours of development and rehearsal. The
"Ossifers" and members of the National Lum and Abner
Society were greatly entertained.

Additionally, we thank Larry Block for the cast photos
accompanying this article.
Click here to see the printed
program and cast list!

Significant is the fact that these Friday and Saturday
evening plays were performed in the building that was
once known as Mena's Lyric Theater. In 1940, Chet
Lauck and Norris "Tuffy" Goff traveled home to Mena,
Arkansas to premiere their first motion picture,
Out Loud
, in this very building. Additionally, some of you
may remember a 1998 "Lum and Abner Friday Night
Sociable" recreated by the NLAS on the very same
stage, emceed by Hollywood radio actor and historian
Frank Bresee and featuring actress Kay Linaker who
played Lum's "romanticals innerst" in the 1943 film
Weeks to Live.

Congratulations to Larry Block, his cast and crew! Best
wishes to the Ouachita Little Theater.

-"Uncle Donnie" Pitchford

The Lyric Theater of Mena, Arkansas in 1940, scene of a  
Dreaming Out Loud movie premiere!

The same location, now known as the Ouachita Little
Theater, in June 2011.

At a mere five dollars admission, the OLT's play was the
best entertainment value in town.
The 2011 Ouchita Little Theater cast of
The OLT's version of Lum and Abner themselves!

The 2011 Ouachita Little Theater cast of "The Adventures of
Lum and Abner" pose for the camera.

The OLT's version of Lum and Abner themselves!

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, how're my ol' friends
today?" The OLT's Squire Skimp is ready to give Lum and
Abner another "skinnin'" as usual!

"By Jacks," it's Dick Huddleston, OLT-style!

"Fine!" Sister Simpson and Ben Withers chat about the
virtues of Lum and Abner's 1930s sponsor, Horlick's Malted
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