The National Lum and Abner Society
A New Lum and Abner® Song!
                                             "Pine Ridge Bound"
October 31, 2011:

In September 2011, at the request of NLAS members, we
posted a 1989
Jot 'Em Down Journal article entitled "Lum
and Abner Meet Andy Griffith" which had been authored by
Kurt Jensen, a member since the early days of the NLAS.

Since "Volume 3" of our
Audio Jot 'Em Down Journal CD
series for our blind friends is currently in production, and it
will include that 1989 issue, I asked Kurt if he'd like to record
the reading of his own article. We knew he had good
"out-loud talkin'" chops from his years in the pulpit. Kurt
responded with enthusiasm and provided a recording
which will be available soon.

Kurt must have felt inspired because he quickly wrote back
to say that the words of a song suddenly popped into his
mind. Before long he had composed "Pine Ridge Bound"
and recorded a demo! More on this shortly.

Kurt Jensen has been involved with Lum and Abner-related
work for decades, becoming interested while in college
where he studied for the ministry. A pastor most of his life,
Kurt and fellow preacher Ed Frost worked up a Lum and
Abner act, appearing in makeup to entertain and enlighten
their audiences, with full permission of Chester Lauck Sr.  
For a time they even added Cedric Weehunt to the act,
portrayed by our very own NLAS vice-prez, "Singin' Sam"

If you think the current
Lum and Abner comic strip is
something new, guess again! Kurt was producing comics
featuring "those two old fellows from the hill country" many
years earlier for his church newsletters!

Kurt is a member of a band called Kingdom Hillbillies, well
known for their performances in Kurt's area of the country.
You can find them on Facebook with photos of
performances at various church events. Now Kurt and
fellow Kingdom Hillbilly Ken Bush have recorded "Pine
Ridge Bound" with their own guitar and banjo and voices,
and have given the NLAS permission to share it with you!
You're invited to listen and enjoy it, but please keep in mind
the following:

"Pine Ridge Bound" is composed and
copyrighted in 2011 by Kurt Jensen. All
rights reserved.

"Lum and Abner" is a registered trademark,
used by permission of Chester H. Lauck, Jr.

Now, just CLICK HERE to hear
"Pine Ridge Bound!"

Thanks so much, Kurt and Ken!
Ed Frost as Lum, Kurt Jensen as Abner, Sam Brown as Cedric.
Left to right: Ed Frost as Lum, Kurt Jensen as Abner and
Sam Brown as Cedric performing in Marion, Illinois in
the late 1980s.
Kurt Jensen with banjo, 2011.
Kurt Jensen, banjo poised for musical action, all set to
become "Pine Ridge Bound" in 2011!
Ken Bush, banjo, Kurt Jensen, guitar, 2011.
Ken Bush and Kurt Jensen, members of Kingdom
Hillbillies, performers of "Pine Ridge Bound" in 2011!
Lum and Abner®
is a registered trademark of Lum and Abner
Associates and is used by permission.
All rights reserved.

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Donnie Pitchford, Sam Brown and Tim Hollis