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Updated April 28, 2012:

NLAS "Ossifer," "Uncle Donnie" Pitchford, was interviewed by
Larry and John Gassman for their weekly radio program
Time, Same Station
. His interview is part of the April 8 program.
Additionally, the NLAS supplied some rare recordings to be
offered in better sound quality than ever before.

"Uncle Donnie" discussed the history of
Lum and Abner, the
formation of the National Lum and Abner Society, and the
development of the 2011-12
Lum and Abner newspaper-Internet
comic strip and its companion audio version.

We now have the program information for all the April shows.
Below the program descriptions is a list of radio stations and
online sources for these programs.


Here is the information for the April 29 program provided by Larry
Same Time, Same Station

We conclude our look at our actors of the month with a broadcast
from their 30 minute show.

"Lum And Abner" from 04/19/50 Episode (320) Lum Sells His
Interest In The Jot'em Down Store.

Next we sample an interview from Richard Lamparski's "Whatever
Happened to Lum and Abner"
from 1965.

After our look at the radio calendar,

we'll hear an early Rudy Vallee Fleishmann's Yeast Hour"
program from 02/27/36

with  Ozzie and Harriet, Helen Keller, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.


Here is the information for the April 22 program provided by Larry
Same Time, Same Station
We begin with programs featuring our actors of the month, Lum
And Abner.

"Lum And Abner" from 02/28/38 First Show For Postum.

Next, "Lum And Abner" 05/26/41 First Show Since They Closed
The Store In March 1940 FIRST Show For MILES Labs.

We listen to "Hollywood Byline" from 12/10/49 Episode (01)
Guest-Georgie Jessel.

After our Radio calendar, we hear:

"Mystery Is My Hobby" episode (001) June-January Marriage
Spells Trouble.

And finally we hear:

"Suspense" from 05/24/55 Episode (599) I Saw Myself Running.


Here is the information for the April 15 program:
Same Time, Same Station

This week we learn about the newest of the radio conventions to
appear on the scene as we speak to Sean Dougherty of,
"Celebrating Audio Theater Old And New".

Next we continue our tribute to our actors of the month as we
hear a show in which Lum and Abner fight off laughter
throughout the entire show. They have to combat a sound door
which suddenly crashes and falls to the floor in the middle of

It is a fun program from 09/06/45.

We then tribute the late Mike Wallace who passed away on
Saturday April 7, at the age of 93. His radio career was very full of
programs done in Detroit, Chicago, and New York.

We'll hear about his career in an interview done by Chuck
Schaden on 09/23/89 at The Museum Of Broadcast
Communications in Chicago.

After our Old Radio Calendar, we'll hear examples of Mike
Wallace's early work.

First, "Sky King" from 07/23/47 The Stolen Pearls.

Next, "Vic and Sade" 07/23/43 Lodge Robe Needs Altering.
Wallace appears on the end commercial of the program which
precedes Vic and Sade. You'll hear him first, followed by NBC
chimes, and then Vic And Sade.

Finally we'll hear Mike Wallace, (then known as Myron Wallace), as
a University of Michigan student on "Information Please".
The show was heard originally on 02/07/39.


Here is the information for the April 8 program:
Same Time, Same Station
Larry Gassman writes, "We split time this week between our
actors of the month, Lum And Abner, and Easter programming.

"We begin with a chat we had with the President of The Lum and
Abner Society, Uncle Donnie Pitchford.  We learn how this society
formed and about its newsletters, and conventions.  Donnie will
also talk about how the Lum And Abner Comic Strips recently
became a reality.
Click here to hear this part of the program.

"Next we hear a special trans-Atlantic program from Chicago and
London featuring both Lum And Abner from 07/21/38

"After our look at the radio calendar we move to Easter

"We'll hear "The Baby Snooks Show" from 03/20/51  Easter Outfit.

"And our last offering is a very powerful play courtesy of
"The Columbia Workshop" from 04/16/38 Episode (086) The
Terrible Meek."

See the April 1 entry below for all the ways to listen to
Same Time,
Same Station


Here is the information for the April 1 program:
Same Time, Same Station
We begin this week's program by talking to Bob Burchett,
chairman of the Cincinnati Old Time Radio Convention. This will
be the last convention. It will be held on April 13 and 14, 2012.

Our actors for the month of April are the gentlemen who played
Lum And Abner.

We will feature two programs that never aired. The shows were
recorded on disc in case of an emergency.


After our look at the Old Time Radio Calendar, we will play a short

John and I were asked to prepare podcasts with actors who will
be appearing in Seattle in June at the Radio Enthusiasts Of Puget
Sound "Showcase 20". We've recorded 3 so far and each podcast
will be released at:

They will be released every two weeks or so.

Our first guest will be Tommy Cook. The interview was done in
2004 by Frank Bresee.

Next we listen to an interview program, 'Show World' from
01/08/40 Dick Osgood interviews Edward Everet Horton. Michigan
Radio Network.

And lastly, a program dealing with the wonderful world of
Hollywood. 'John Boles Hollywood Extra' from 1936 And the
winner was Betty Jane Rhodes.


Here are ways to listen to
Same Time, Same Station.

1. It streams on demand beginning every Sunday at Jerry
Haendiges's OTR site.

2. It is available from Radio Out Of The Past beginning Monday or
Download it at

3. Listen to us Sunday mornings at 12 UTC, 8 Eastern, 5 AM
Pacific at

4. Listen to KMIN Radio. KMIN 980 AM in Grants New Mexico, and
1510 AM in Albuquerque. 10 PM eastern, 8 pm Mountain, 7 PM
Pacific on Sundays

5. The broadcast can also be heard one week later on Saturday at
3 PM Eastern, 12 noon Pacific at:

6. Golden Hours Radio broadcasts the show Saturdays at noon
pacific and again at 8 PM that evening.

7. Heard at the Radio Enthusiasts Of Puget Sound web site on
demand at:"

Thanks so much, John and Larry Gassman!

The column at right offers some Lum and Abner history by way of
the "'Cordin' to the Almanac" panel which appeared for several
months on the
Lum and Abner comic strip. More will be added as
space allows.

Join us as we listen to the Gassman Brothers every week! And
stick with them every month! We love Lum and Abner, but John
and Larry have much more to offer in the "Wonderful World" of
Old Time Radio!
Norris Goff earned the nickname
Lum and Abner started on KTHS Radio in 1931 in Hot Spring, Arkansas.
2011: 10th anniversary of 9-11, 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
Chet Lauck was a talented cartoonist and drew Lum and Abner caricatures.
L&A's first sponsor was Quaker Oats.
L&A's second sponsor was Ford Dealers of America.
Lum and Abner's 4th radio sponsor was Postum.
Lum and Abner's 5th radio sponsor was Alka-Seltzer.
Lum and Abner's first movie was
1950: Lum and Abner's seventh network radio sponsor? Ford.
L&A's third sponsor was Horlick's Malted Milk.
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